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Human Rights

Assistance in Police stations

Not even a single day passes without any custodial torture or violence. The Dalits, tribals, poor and downtrodden and women are vulnerable to the violence, abuses, and excess committed by the police personnel. Nowadays none is encouraged to approach the police without the influence of higher-ups of the Government or the advocates or the bigwigs of society for being afraid that on the approach they may be subjected to human rights violation by the police personnel for one reason or the other.

The person who is under the necessity to approach the police stations either as a victim or an accused is afraid that his life, liberty, equality, and dignity will be subjected to violence and abuse by the police personnel and in such event, the person concerned is in need of legal assistance from his advocate to approach the police stations. The moment a person is required to approach the police station either by operation of law or otherwise, his right to have legal assistance from his advocate starts operating.

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