Achieving Excellence

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“We are what we do repeatedly, excellence is notn not an act, but a habit”. -Aristotle Developing Your Potential

Evaluating Your Key Attributes



Have you written down high and stretching targets and planned how you are going to achieve them?


Have you formed a clear idea of where you want to be and what you want to be doing in five years’ time?


Do you feel able to do anything that is needed now, do it well and master new abilities and tasks as required

Ability to take Risks

Do you believe in your own ability to judge a risk as worth taking and to your chances effectively?

Drive and Energy

Can you bring in full mental powers to bear on an issue, to decide on the right action, and see it through?

Competitive Spirit

Are you never satisfied until you have clearly won all the prizes against the best competition around?


Are you a relentless perfectionist who constantly seeks to improve and to get others to do the same?


Effective Thinking: Questions to ask yourself

  1. Have I gathered all the facts that I need to help me arrive at the current solution?
  2. Have I considered all possible alternatives before settling down on my decisions?
  3. Did I collect contributions fro everybody who has an interest in the matter?
  4. Have I used the best possible thinking process in reaching my conclusion?
  5. What do I feel about the matter – am I convinced emotionally as well as intellectually?
  6. Have I thought of contingency plans in case my idea do not work out as intended?

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