Performance Appraisal

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Employees need to note the New Design Drivers required: A) Management Attention B) Leveraging Resources & Costs C) Coordination and Integration D) The Need for Specialisation E) Control and Accountability


What’s in it for the Employee                                 

What’s in it for an Organisation

Assessment of his/her weakness

Identification of Learning and Development needs

Chance to set short-term and long-term goals and set expectations right

Discuss and shape your career

Solicit feedback to boost performance

Identify gaps in skills, attitude and behavior to fulfill company’s vision and mission

Enhance employee satisfaction by addressing their concerns.

Build a motivation system and improve employee retention.

Focus on the task at hand, don’t let your actions hinge on the outcome.


Employees need to note the New Design Drivers required:

  • Management Attention
  • Leveraging Resources & Costs
  • Coordination and Integration
  • The Need for Specialisation
  • Control  and Accountability
  • Learning and Motivation

Discussion Point:

Do you play to win or to not lose?

In what kinds of situations are you most effective? What factors strengthen – or undermine – your motivation?

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