Corporate Culprits

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My experience may not be sufficient to comment on the topic corporate culprits, but the pain and wounds are triggering me to comment and convey the path every aspirant youngster is passing through in current corporate scenario.

There are group of people who get into what they want or else with help of parents who might have had half his/her dreams fulfilled due the reasons we are going to discuss in here.

There is a lot of expectation every individual has about his/her own career. Stepping into a corporate world is like a dream come true for many youngsters. We were taught that hard work and dedicationwill take us to great heights in life, but the reality is laughing on us by saying, you have failed to understand the meaning “it is hardly working “.    

Sometimes career progression of an individual becomes an  unresolved mathematical sum, all the elements of the sum are correct as per the real logic, but could not take us to the desired answer or the correct answer,

Rules and regulation are the same in many countries and culture with a little bit of modifications here and there. For example the signal lights in traffic are the same colors of the light and meaning they carry are the same, when  amber light goes on , some people  try  to  slow down their  vehicle in order to abide by the rules and regulation, in other scenarios some people try  to speed up their vehicle to avoid the red signal.

I feel pity for the custodians of policies in an organization, who are not well informed about the actual purpose behind.

Many times even talented people struggle a lot to implement their innovative ideas due to some people who does not want new changes and afraid of changes due to their incapability to cope with the speed of the change which will bring energy and happiness in an organization.

It was always been a dream to have capable people on the top, but it remains a day dream. What is the meaning of efficiency? Is it a standard word describing a quality or else a word carrying meaning based on the situation?

 What an individual should adhere to grow in the corporate ladder, should he keep thinks as natural as it is possible or else complicating the simple things.

Words like hard work, being proactive, self-driven are being misinterpreted. When a lower  line employee could able to gauge the capability of individuals in an organization based on his/her experience ,it is amazing why couldn’t  a top level employee  predict, is it really lack of capability or ignorance or under current.

The question remains unanswered on what will make you reach the desired position of an individual in any organization for that matter.

Organization is like a chariot, run  by several horses (employees)  and driven by a set of people who are expected to have clarity on the direction of destination, but it is pity some time that the drivers have  no clue about the destination and end up in making the horses go tired and been called non-performers.         

Who is the reason behind an individual’s nonperformance, is it the situation or the individual or the incapable individuals who are given the rights to drive the chariot.

There is something called corporate smile, due to which we get pain in mouth due action of ours which is not accepted by the genuine human being in us. When we really laugh hard our stomach   pains and when we pretend due to situation or due to higher level people out mouth pains.

There are three categories of people mostly available in an organization; on joining in an employee in an organization you may observe that some.

In eight hours (or more due to non-clarity or inefficiency) of our working, we spend only two to three hours in constructive work assigned to us. Then what is the account for rest of the hours? The answer is trying understanding what next, Feeding ego of the people around and questioning our own self on what is am up to.

One of the famous and entertaining  festival season in a corporate is Appraisals period, we can see several new performers emerging for a short period of time and the bosses cabins are flodded with so called performers. The ratio of gender may differ from 60% to 40%....ha ha haha.

The best part in the process ,is that the employees who have really put in their effort for the completion of target will be advised  to improve their performance by their bosses and will be made to accept that they are not upto the mark.

Time and again it is been proved that knowledge and power has no relationship with this scenario an individual gain only appreciation which may not fulfill his social need. 

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